Wednesday, July 7, 2010

With today's edition of Here's The Deal we will begin a series of interviews with partners of Pocket Aces Racing, L.L.C.

We will start with Steve and Kate Wilt, both racing enthusiasts from Louisville, KY.

HTD: I know both of you have had very
interesting careers in aviation and marketing, could you give our readers a few details on what you have accomplished in those fields?
S: I was the Executive Vice-President of Braniff Airlines/Operations and a 3 year veteran of the White House Chief of Staff office and reported directly to General Alexander Haig. I was also decorated with a Bronze Star and 2 Purple Hearts while flying attack helicopters in Vietnam. Spinal injures, as a result of being shot down twice, curtailed my flying and executive careers.

K: I was the Manager of Young Adult Marketing for the Miller Brewing Company as well as holding the Managerial positions in the NYC sports and entertainment marketing world. I am currently the proprietor of My Racing Heart, L.L.C. working with Consumers Choice Coffee with marketing the My Racing Heart Artisan Roasted Coffee brand.

HTD: How were both of you introduced to the sport of Thoroughbred Racing?

S: My introduction was mainly through my wife but most importantly, to me, is why it appeals to me. Racing is akin to flying, there is a very high level of skill demanded from everyone involved, plus the personal commitment to be as good as you can be. Risk is a part of both endeavors but you minimize that risk by being prepared and alert.

K: I have loved horses and racing since the age of 6. I wouldn't say I needed an introduction really, they have always just seemed to be a part of my life.

HTD: Is Pocket Aces Racing your 1st experience with Racing Partnerships?

S&K: We have participated in 2 other syndicates and both were unpleasant experiences.

HTD: Why did you select Pocket Aces Racing as your partnership of choice?

S&K: First and foremost the communication with Pocket Aces Racing has been far superior to anything we experienced with the other 2 syndicates. We love the transparency in each deal too. In addition, we greatly appreciate the commitment Pocket Aces Racing has shown not just to their horses but the entire breed.

HTD: What Pocket Aces Racing horses have you invested in?

S&K: We own shares in each horse on Pocket Aces Racing's current roster. The rationale has been different for each:
Pure Victory - A friend introduced us and we really liked Pure Clan, a Grade 1 winning filly by the same sire - Pure Prize
Dixie's Hope - A share became available and she was ready to race.
El Corredror x Peanut Gallery 2008 - Sire breeds good fillies and the price was right.
Medaglia d' Oro x Retiro Park 2008 - Couldn't pass up.

HTD: If you could win 1 race what would it be?

S&K: A Breeders' Cup Race or dare we dream...The Kentucky Derby.

HTD: Outside of horse racing what are a few of your hobbies"

S: Watching Fox News, yard work, dogs and wine.

K: Cooking, Topsail Beach in N.C. and our dogs (Jezabelle, Nelliebelle, Clarabelle and Crawford),

HTD: Any suggestions for good restaurants in Louisville?

S&K: Rootie's (for wing's), Furlongs (for Cajun) and Napa River Grill (special occasion).