Monday, November 22, 2010

Pocket Aces Racing's Kaminari Begins Training

Based on feedback from our partners we have found that the process of purchasing young racing prospects and developing them into racehorses is a very significant portion of the enjoyment they receive from being members of Pocket Aces Racing. That is why we invite Here's The Deal and Pocket Aces Racing on-line followers to track a young filly's journey from the pasture to what we hope will be the winner's circle. Her name is Kaminari and from previous posts many of you are aware that she is the First Samurai filly Pocket Aces Racing purchased at the 2010 Keeneland September Sale.

In early October, shortly after her purchase, we "broke" (a very slow, methodical process in which the horse learns to accept a rider) her. By the end of the month she was being ridden , at a jog, in the shed row of the barn. She jogged in the barn for several weeks until she transitioned to the point in her training where she is currently, which is jogging and galloping slowly in an open field. Below please find video of her training.

We will continue to keep everyone updated on her progress.

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